Long Term Foot Care Facilities


Long Term Foot Care Care FacilitiesLong Term Foot Care

We have been providing foot care services for people living in City of Toronto Long Term Care Facilities for the Aged since 1997.


Looking after your feet is important at any stage of life. As you get older staying on your feet and keeping mobile are particularly important for general health and wellbeing. Foot problems commonly develop as a normal part of the aging process. Timely intervention can help avoid irreversible deterioration.


A Foot Care Specialist or foot care nurse can be required to treat problematic toenails and to monitor conditions such as diabetic feet and wounds. Long Term Care Facilities do not employ Chiropodists, and contract independent Foot Care Specialist to provide these services.
Chiropody service is provided on site, in a specific clinic area on each unit or in the resident’s room. Residents receive foot care treatment approximately every two months depending on their need. This essential service being offered to your family member can be critical and at least serves to maintain their overall comfort and wellbeing.


Amongst the signs and symptoms of the foot problems in the elderly that require intervention are:
•    Corns and callouses
•    Thick or in-grown toenails
•    Plantar warts
•    Bunions and hammer toes
•    Heel, arch and general foot pain
•    Skin infections of the foot
•    Foot ulcers and wounds
•    Diabetic and arthritic foot problems


The service operates on a flat fee structure.


We encourage you to participate in the caring and maintenance of the wellbeing of your family member by providing them with this essential health service on a regular and consistent basis.  We are always available to discuss any issues relating to their foot health, and thank you for working together with us in meeting their needs.


We would appreciate if you could update the information on the Authorization for Treatment and Payment form at the Admission office or on the unit in a Long Term Foot Care Facility. Payments can be made by preauthorized cheque, credit card, by invoice, by charging comfort account, or payment at the time of treatment as outlined in the form.



If you have any questions please ask to speak with the Chiropodist when he visits the Home or call us at 416-763-9199.