About Us

At the OCPC (Outchitel Chiropody Professional Corporation) clinics we recognize the importance of healthy feet in everyday living and activities, and for maintaining general health. We are a specialized clinic where health professionals, known as Chiropodists, diagnose and treat specific foot conditions. We can also advise you on how to prevent future foot problems.


Lev Outchitel, MD (Russia - retired), DCh. is a Toronto based chiropodist who has practiced chiropody since 1997. Lev is experienced in all aspect of chiropody patient care. He is known not only for his foot care skills, but also for his compassionate bedside manner. Lev values the personal care of his patients and he invites their family members to be a part of their foot health.

Tom Weisz B.A., DCh., IIWCCis currently practicing with a diabetic foot ulcer and amputation prevention program in Hamilton. He has practiced in both the public and private realm in Ontario and Saskatchewan, with a particular interest in the care of the diabetic foot.

Foot care is provided at several locations throughout the city and area. We offer both outreach and office foot care. Please contact us for details.

At the OCPC (Outchitel Chiropody Professional Corporation) the focus is on foot care for the general population. The Clinic treatments range from children, the elderly, or anyone who has a specific medical problem, such as poor circulation, diabetes or arthritis, all circumstances where regular professional foot care is critical.

Chiropody is a primary care health profession.  While referrals from your physician or other health care professional is always welcome, everyone is free to contact us directly.





Contact us today to make an appointment by phone: 905-709-8692